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Altering turning feed rates by segment in Profile Finishing?

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Altering turning feed rates by segment in Profile Finishing?

Is it possible to control individual segments of turning profiles so that the feed is slowed down or sped up for specific segments? 

If not, can I request that please? We do a lot of turning where we need super fine feeds on only a small segment of the finished profile, but we don't want to interrupt the cut, introduce a spring pass or use two operations just to be able to use higher feeds elsewhere. 


In conjunction with this, it would be nice if the Spun Profile from the Setup generated a projected turning profile sketch that we could automatically utilize/modify. If such a thing could be generated/modified and then certain sketch segments clicked on and an individual feed rate specified for them, that would be super handy, and bring Fusion turning one step closer to being as good as programming by hand at the control. 

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@steveHDPJT the good news is that modifying feed rates for turning is on our immediate roadmap although I can't give you an eta. we are also actively working on adding the ability to create a spun profile sketch in the design space. this should be available soon (again, no eta because of corporate policy).



Akash Kamoolkar
Software Development Manager

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