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Almost There - Soft Jaw Question

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Almost There - Soft Jaw Question

Two quick questions.  I finished the CAM for this soft jaw but got stuck at the end.  I was trying to move the original part into the cavity of the soft jaw so I could create the tool paths to finish the back side.  I tried using the joint command but was unable to pick a position between the faces of the soft jaws for the joint origin?  Any suggestions as to how to make this work?


Here the Fusion file:


Lastly, the 2d contour tool path leaves a bit of unfinished material (see circled area in the attached image).  I tried experimenting with the lead out distance etc. but could not get it to machine off this material.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks... Richard

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Give this a try:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks so much.  I spent over an hour trying to figure this out.  You really made my day!


Thanks... Richard

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Oops.  I think there is a problem.  When I ran the simulation, I notice that the tool path appears shifted in the positive Y and negative X direction.  See red areas on attached.

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Where are you setting your WCS for your jaw; on the part that's going to be held? That's a "no-no", the jaws should have their own origin. Typically, I use center of X/Y



-EDIT- applying a joint should not have changed anything for your jaw program. Double check your steps 🙂

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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So sorry to bother you Seth.  The jaws do have their own WCS.  I think the problem is that I created a shape (Plug) to create the cavity of the soft jaws.  This plug has the same profile as the part that I will be holding in the soft jaws (just simpler geometry).  I believe the problem has something to do with the way the plug and the actual part are located between the soft jaws.  Take V attached shows the Plug and the actual part.


Prior to you sharing your nice video on applying the joint, I manually moved the plug to the appropriate position between the soft jaws, then used the combine function to create the soft jaws.  I then manually moved the part into the soft jaws.  When I simulated the tool paths, everything looked good.  See Version II attached.


In both scenarios (where I manually positioned the parts and when I applied the joint), the WCS is exactly the same.  I am struggling to place the plug and part in correct position.  When I applied the joint as opposed to manual positioning... the tool path was no longer correct.


Thanks for your patience.... Richard

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OK.  I solved most of the problem.  In the heights tab, the bottom height was not identified consistently.  I fixed this and the simulation looks almost perfect now.  I don't understand how the incorrect height value made the simulation look like the tool path had been offset a bit (considering that the part has parallel sides), but it certainly solved the problem.


One last question.  In attached image there are a few areas that are not machined by the last 2D contour tool path.  The tool path does not extend far enough.  I tried to extend the lead out parameters but no luck.  Is there a way to extend the tool path in these areas?


Thanks... Richard.


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Could you share your most recent file here?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Here is the most recent file.  I am still dumfounded as to how correcting the heights in the tool path heights tab fixed what appeared to be a lateral shift of the tool path.  Some of the heights were referenced as a hard number and others as "selection".  I used "selection" for all three tool paths, and it solved the previous problem.


Fusion File:


Thanks for your time.




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