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After OCT update my Rotary axis is flipped 180 in post processor

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After OCT update my Rotary axis is flipped 180 in post processor

Having a weird bug where the rotary is reversed 180 degrees from what it was prior to update.

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Can you give a bit more information.

  • are you using machine simulation/machine configurations to define your kinematics, or are they handled in the post processor?
  • What post processor are you using?
  • What machine tool are you using with which controller?
  • Can you provide an example file demonstrating the issue(and maybe a screen cast?)
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They are handled in the post processor, on a Tormach 1100MX with  Tormach post proccessor.

Here is the file that I am currently running.

Rotary axis is located on left side of machine, with options correctly set in machine.
Historically I have run all rotary programs with rotary axis defined in ncprogram as X under PP configurations.
An older fusion 4axis program screenshot



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In my experience any rotary that is on the left side of the table should be using the X(reversed) configuration(following standard coordinate system conventions)



Is it possible that parts you have made in the past were rotationally symmetric and you didn't notice that it wasn't going to the correct angles?


There have been no recent updates to the post processor or fusion that would have caused this to suddenly change(that I can tell)


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