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Advice on milling narrow pocket with a contour?

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Advice on milling narrow pocket with a contour?

Trying to determine the best strategy to mill this narrow pocket with a 1/16" endmill (ball). Not sure what would be best here and open to any advice. This seems simple, but it's stumping me at this late hour.


Cheer all! 

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Is Morph the play here? It seems to be giving me the best sim results. 

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Heres a couple of options attached.


Trace is quick n dirty and gets the job done but it does gouge the model a little and has some rapid plunges into the material which isn't ideal


Second one is scallop which gives a pretty good result

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Okay will give those a try too and see how they look. Morph ended up looking pretty good as well. Cheers! Will update thread tomorrow with results.

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You're right. Trace looked a little rough, but Scallop looked pretty on-point. Morph I think works as well, but Scallop looked a little quicker/simpler. Cheers!

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