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Advice on best machining strategy for large radius

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Advice on best machining strategy for large radius

I am a little stuck trying to work out the best tool to use and machining strategy for the radius/fillet in the picture below.  I am after advice on how to get the best surface finish.  I have a few options on ball nose tools from around 6 to 20mm diameter.


Part is 6061 aluminum on a small 3 axis machine.


I got as far as roughing it out:


File attached if it helps.  Mostly I am just after advice on tool selection, feeds, speeds, stepovers etc.  And most appropriate tool path option.


I tried a few of the 3D tool paths but not sure which one would give the best result in practice.


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Here's a Flow(Preview) option:



And here's a Blend option:


These are quick examples, it's likely that better toolpaths can be obtained.

As for speeds and feeds, I tend to run a .375" ball endmill to the max rpm of my Mori (12k) and a feedrate of about .001" chip per tooth.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will have a play with those tool path options. My Mazak is flat out at 6000 RPM so have to choose a stepover that doesn't take all week to run but leaves a good finish. In the past I havent had much luck with this sort of profiling. I think it is due to tool rubbing or maybe just need a sharper tool!

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