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Adjusting probe locations on a cylinder

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Adjusting probe locations on a cylinder

I've created a fixture using an array of ID clamps from Mitee-Bite and I need to machine the clamps to size. I would like to probe a WCS for each clamp to maintain concentricity and even clamping force. My problem is that the WCS probing routine for a circular boss will only probe in the X and Y. This puts the probe on the expansion slits when probing in the X.


Is there a way to rotate or move the probing pattern? I tried to create a component with the slots modeled to use a stock but the probing routine won't even recognize it as a circular feature.

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depends on your machine. On a HAAS you will need to calibrate your probe in a new cycle to allow for non-axis directions and measurements. 

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Thanks. I had forgotten that Fusion just calls the Renishaw macros and that those would be the limiting factor.


I'm going to use the geometry probing to see how far the clamps are off relative to the plate's datum feature. If it's more that a thou or two, I'll clamp drill bushings with the clamps and pull WCS's from those.

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