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Additive Manufacturing print time calculation

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Additive Manufacturing print time calculation

Dear Fusion 360 community,

I am in dire need of calculating the total printing time (including recoating) of a prepared build job with any SLM machine configuration with Fusion 360 Additive Build plug-in. I am using it with the education license. 

I find it hard to get a comprehensive build report/statistics about the overall build job including the build time, total layers, support volume and surface etc. It would have been great to see these calculated variables. I can get most of the statistics in toolpath simulation but I could not find the printing time anywhere, at all.

Thank you for your time.

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in reply to: bkavas

Hi @bkavas, I'm still learning the additive side of things but I found that after the generation of the additive toolpath if you click on the drop down triangle you will find print time. If you right click on print time you will find print statistics. 


Joshua Aigen
Workshop Supervisor
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in reply to: Joshua.Aigen

Hi @Joshua.Aigen, thank you very much for your rapid answer. The problem is that I do not have the triangle next to the toolpath option after generating the toolpath.



If you have any ideas on how to get that triangle and the rest of the statistics, I'd very much appreciate.


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in reply to: Joshua.Aigen

I realized that the machine and process you are using is FFF, mine is SLM instead. That may be the cause of the difference in the toolpath statistics availability.
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in reply to: bkavas

Hi, I believe you are correct as of this time, and I don't have an answer for when you will see this functionally. As far as I know it is an important aspect to 3d printing and folks here are aware of that.

Joshua Aigen
Workshop Supervisor
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in reply to: bkavas

Hi @bkavas , 


Unfortunately print/build time estimation is not yet available for additive processes apart from FFF. 


This will be introduced for MPBF (metal powberbed fusion) at some point in the future, bear with us!


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Fusion 360 Additive Team

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in reply to: thomas.stock

The value of this is in creating your own supports . if you save the model with the supports as an stl and upload them to the printer slicer that goes to your printer it will give you the time. Unfortunatly all times are driven by slicer heights and and fills as well as machine speeds that can vary between manufactures. I use flash forge but I am sure cure, prusa  and 3d simplify will work. 

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