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Additional parameters to the mill tool library.

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Additional parameters to the mill tool library.

How about allowing setting the maximum helical machining diameter and the minimum helical machining diameter in the cutting conditions tab for cutter types applicable to insert-type cutters? It would be possible to enable/disable via a checkbox and set by numerical input. By doing so, it would eliminate the need to set for each operation, and I believe it would reduce the risk of interference between the cutter holder's bottom face and the stock.

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To me, it doesn't sound like this should be limited to just insert-type cutters, but should be applicable to all milling tools, no?

I am curious what you mean by this:

@monozukuri.daisuki.higucchan wrote:

...I believe it would reduce the risk of interference between the cutter holder's bottom face and the stock.

Is that not currently happening anyways?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Insert-style cutters do not have cutting edges near the center, resulting in defined minimum and maximum helical diameters. The maximum ramp angle is set according to the design of the insert width and the clearance amount between the arbor's bottom surface. This is to prevent excessive ramp angles or interference between the cutter body and the material due to helical motion. These parameters are thought to be more applicable to the insert-style cutters rather than being set for each operation. However, for cutter types that might be used with insert-style cutters—like bullnose end mills, flat end mills, and face mills—I believe there might be a need for individual parameters to be specifically set for these.

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I create programs while keeping in mind the ramping max and minimum helical diameter set on the cutter.
Although I have fortunately never had a serious accident to date, overlooking a mismatch between what is simulated and what is actually machined can lead to cutter body damage, material loss, and machine failure.
This parameter value may be necessary for each operation, but we believe that it should be set for each cutter used, especially in the case of insert-type cutters.

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Are some of my posts reaching you?

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This could be a great addition and would/should apply to all milling cutters, along with these parameters should be the ability to set a helix/ramping angle, I have been asking for that for quite some time..

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