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Adding relief to cutter geometry

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Adding relief to cutter geometry

What's the best way to include relief in tools when creating them in the tool library? I fudge with the length below holder, the shoulder length and the shaft diameter to get it to look somewhat how I want it, but if there's a better way, I'm all ears. I'm adding some extra features to the "writetools" property in the post processor and it'd be nice to have a line that describes if a tool needs to be relieved and how long that relief should be.  Thanks!

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this is how i set my relieved tools up i get from Helical. sounds about the same as what you do, i dont have any issues doing it this way at all.


Screenshot (105).png

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Thanks! Yeah I think I'll just proceed with this method, it's relatively easy to setup on the post too.


Here's what I'm using right now:


 // dump tool information
  if (getProperty("writeTools")) {
var twodecFormat = createFormat({decimals:2});


if (tool.getShaftDiameter != tool.diameter()) {
          comment += " - " + "RL=" + twodecFormat.format(tool.getShoulderLength());
twodecFormat is just a custom format to display only two decimal places, I use it for anything where I only want two decimal places. Hopefully someone else finds this useful

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