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Adding Probe to Post issues

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Adding Probe to Post issues

Working on adding probing to a post using Fanuc as reference, Mitsubishi as target.


I am stuck at what seems to be the end section not getting executed and the first 80% of the probing call working.  noticing that it will not complete the onCyclePoint > isFirstCyclePoint() switch case 


I moved over all of the Renishaw Includes and added in the probing calls but I am missing something somewhere.  Given Fanuc and Meldas(Mitsubishi are almost the same in Renishaw's eyes) I figured it was the best point to start from.


Referencing the Post manual seems to be a lost cause, its updated 8/23 but noting in it matches anything current.


Does anyone know a better guide or have any insight? trying to add inspection to our existing posts using the one attached as a test.





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in reply to: Don_BI

After a bit I tracked down the issue.

The default Mitsubishi post calls the Switch Cycle type as a IF and while that is correct the probe is also called previously in a Else If section so it was erroring out on the Cycle End transfer.


So for anyone else, you need from the Fanuc Post the isProbeOperation() calls, and all the Renishaw includes(*.CPI) sections from the ends.  Obviously update the sections as needed for your probing cycles such as tool includes or protected moves that you may have changed in your Renishaw setup.

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