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Add "Points" and "Diameter Override" to Bore cycle?

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Add "Points" and "Diameter Override" to Bore cycle?

this would be nice to have. I can select a point to drill, but then also need to model a surface cylinder to bore it out? How about we just add these two features to the Bore stategy, think akin to how Thread Mill works! 

I am currently roughing out the bulk of a pocket with a U drill, then REST adapting. It would be safer in this Ti to be able to bore cycle the little islands of material instead of the program thinking it's 100% gone and just speeding through it all. 



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You can use the bore milling cycle under the drill menu to mill bores with selected points





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The toolpath fails to generate for me. Are you using a single sketch point? 

edit: you have to still select the drawn circle, not the center point. 

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Are you using "Selected Points"?


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I was initially yes, but if I do Selected Diameters (and select the sketched circle) it will work! Funny how the toolpath is still a plunge, but simulates the actual helix in. 

Can these overrides/features be added to the Bore cycle? In my mind it should be as simple as a copy paste 😉 

My guess is that the software is simply creating a canned cycle in the background and uses the center point as initial coords.





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