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Add custom Cutter to tool library

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Add custom Cutter to tool library

This is all new to me: I've imported a STEP file of a ORING Cutter into Fusion 360 Design, I wish to add it to my tool library and mate it to a holder just as I'd do with any other hole making tool. My process is to use a small end mill and rough the ORING Groove leaving 0.005 in on side & bottom, then call the custom tool to plunge to depth thus creating a finished ORing feature. HELP?

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You can create a form tool:


You can create it from the step file by projecting the body to a sketch and using the sketch to create the form tool

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One thing to note; is this a tool that only works in the Z axis, or is it a type of cutter like an endmill (just with oring geometry)? If it's only in the Z axis, your simulation is likely not going to be accurate (although the code will be). We don't have the ability to create form tools that are "hollow" in the middle, so it's going to look like a flat bottom endmill and will appear to remove all material in the middle.

Link to the tool would be helpful 🙂 

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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