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adaptive clearing toolpath from outside

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adaptive clearing toolpath from outside

Hi guys,


I am trying to program an adaptive clearing in wood with a 8mm straight 2 flute. I want to have a large stepdown so chip clearing is essential. I am trying to get the to enter from outside the stock on each stepover but it keeps slotting or plunging into the middle of the stock. Any tips or advice would be great!

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For this specific stepdown, you could also just do a 2D pocket with a small stepover and get exactly what you want. Otherwise, try 3D adaptive and just don't over confine it. Only tell it your max depth and disable machine cavities (in this instance) 



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Ahh thanks! this already looks way better, but i can only do half of the part in 1 setup because my machine is not large enough to do the whole thing. Also i am relatively new to CAM so could you maybe how you got it to the pocket in the picture. Thank a lot for the help!
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Hi @thijsvnoordt,


Like @programming2C78B explane is a real good solution to use.

But if for some reason you like to do it like you selected the area.

I modify your selections in the Geometry tab.


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Marco Takx
CAM Consultant

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I cant give you a perfect path remotely without knowing what your machine travel limits are, the true stock size, and how it's held etc.

I recommend not using a lift on adaptive paths - Last tab.

If your sketch is your machines max travel, change the 2nd tab to Center on boundary. Otherwise, just use it to constrain your one direction (Y in your case, it just needs to be big enough along the other 3 sides)

Stock contour is not needed to be selected. Either model it, create it in your setup, or just select the bottom profile of your part IF you want to include it. Here, you don't.






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Hi thank you for the response!
could you maybe help me with setting up the toolpath? because i cant get it to work.
thanks in advance!

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