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Adaptive clearing - setting "small stock to leave" makes holder collide with stock

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Adaptive clearing - setting "small stock to leave" makes holder collide with stock

I am profiling the end of a tube using a 12mm ball-nose cutter and adaptive clearing.   This is to make parts that match for welding, so a perfect finish is not essential. 



The stock has the central hole machined already, so only the highlighted face needs to be milled.  I have selected this face in the adaptive setup.  The "include setup model" is disabled (but does not influence the problem, as far as I can see).


If I set "Stock to leave" at 0.01mm, or disable it, the toolpath makes the tool dive inside the end of the tube until the holder hits the top edge.  I cannot see why it wants to do this.




Setting 0.5 mm Stock to leave avoids the diving inside behaviour:

No collision.JPG



stock to leave.JPG

If I leave 0.5 mm stock I will need a finishing operation to bring it to size - seems unnecessary, given that the adaptive finish is so good (on a mild steel trial piece - final items will be stainless).


Is this a bug?

The file is here: 



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With Stock to Leave set to .01, it's going to get to deeper areas than the .05 value.

A better method would be to define boundaries:


 This has the benefit of better constraint and reduced cycle times as well

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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