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Adaptive clearing - can't select all the edges of an open pocket

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Adaptive clearing - can't select all the edges of an open pocket

I'm new to CNC machining, and I'm working on making a wooden prototype of a part I designed. I've gotten stuck making tool paths; I can't select all the edges of an open pocket with hole that I want to clear, and selecting the face leaves stock behind over the hole.






Is there some way I can tell Fusion to join the two separate edges together? Based on what I've learned from this video tutorial series, it seems like I need to be able to select all the edges of the area in order to clear all the stock to the same height.



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Hi, your problem is with choosing. In Fusion 360 2D operations, surface selection considers holes made. I recommend choosing a contour. below for you to watch

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The job you are looking to do is really a 3D operation so you would probably be best using 3D Adaptive, that will cut away the stock down to the level of the top of the hole and down into the hole all in one toolpath.

2D Toolpaths are not what is referred to as "Model Aware" whearas the 3D Toolpaths will "see" the Model properly and toolpath accordingly.


If you want to upload your Fusion f3d file for diagnosis and are not sure how to do it then go to:-

File>Export>Select f3d Format>Save to a location on your computer> Then attach to your reply.


Hope this helps 🙂

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Thank you both for the tips! I've tried both approaches, and while 3D clearing is very close to what I was hoping for, it's still not quite right.


Selecting the contours around the edge of the area I'm trying to clear gives me a very confusing tool path:


Doing 3D adaptive clearing on that same face gives a tool path that cuts the center hole first, then clears everything down to the face. I'd like to perform both of these operations, but in the reverse order.


I've attached an F3D file (with the 3D clearing operation added, since it seems closer to what I want to do)

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Looking at your file probably the easiest way would be to use a 3D Pocket toolpath, I have done one to just cut away the small area that I think is what you are looking for. You could try using it to do the whole shape but what I have done is easy and simple to follow, have a look at the short video and the attached modified file and let us all know if this is getting closer to what you are asking for 🙂


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That should work. Thanks for all your help, engineguy!

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