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Adaptive 2d contour toolpath inconsistency across part?

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Adaptive 2d contour toolpath inconsistency across part?

Hey all.


I have a pattern that I am milling with an Adaptive 2d contour which is inconsistent across the "consistent" part. The toolpath is great across the first two and a half "islands" and then gets all wonky for the last two. I've played with every setting I could think of from geometry to cutting radius and tool direction, to no avail. 


Is there some way to get the toolpath on the left side of the part to propagate across all of the features?


(Screenshot attached)


Thanks much,


Chris E. 



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in reply to: cdevrard

That is a very interesting one!  I would have thought that the one on the far right is the correct one, as it does the roughing between the 2 islands, and on the picture, it looks like it does a linking move between the other islands, which would break the tool.  It would be cool to be able to play with the file, I've not see this situation before, are you able to share the file here?

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in reply to: DarthBane55

Absolutely! File attached. 


Yeah it ran great on the left but on the last clearing op on the right there was chatter and ugliness! 


Thank you,


Chris E. 

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in reply to: cdevrard

I understood what it is doing only after simulating it, just looking at the toolpath makes it looks like it's broken, but it is not, it's doing fine.  If you don't like the last one, it is most likely that your machine cannot handle so many small fast moves (point to point in small areas), even with the rather large tolerance you put (0.05").  I tried a tolerance I often use (0.001") but it won't generate, it says tolerance > 0.0 lol, yeah, that is pretty normal, I have never seen a negative tolerance yet!!  Not sure what that is about...

So I am not sure there is an actual problem with the toolpath, probably a machine issue.  However, maybe you could create a fake boundary around the 1st part, and machine it on its own, then do a linear pattern of that path, you would then get 5 identical toolpaths.

Sorry, that's all I got for suggestion on this one 😥

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in reply to: DarthBane55

Hey Thanks for looking at it. Seems so weird. Most of the time I get nice consistent paths across features. Why this one is having a tizzy is a mystery to me! 

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in reply to: cdevrard

Hi @cdevrard 

The main reason that this repeated pattern in your design does not get reflected as a repeated pattern in the toolpath is that your stock in the setup is not symmetrically aligned with these shapes you're machining. There is not much space for the tool to work between these contours, and for the two contours on the right it decided to break through more material than is left between the remaining contours.

If you can use a smaller tool, or space out the contours a bit more (would obviously waste more stock) you could improve some of the problems you're seeing.

Another approach might be to generate the toolpath for one contour, and use it as a pattern to repeat linearly. (

Hope this helps,


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in reply to: martin.dunschen

Thank you Martin! I didn't think about trying a smaller tool. I'll try and 7/16 or 3/8 ths. 


If that fails I'll try the patterning. 


I really appreciate the help and all the folks on this board who are willing to share their time!





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