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A la Cart subscription

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A la Cart subscription

I'm an amateur woodworker who loves building anything wooden for my family and I am also a fan of Fusion 360 (having graduated from Sketchup). 


The one thing that I wish I could have access to is the full functionality of Documentation Generation that the fully licensed users of Fusion 360 enjoy. 


At $916/year, a full subscription is way outside my price range. Has anyone considered an A la carte type of subscription model where people could start with the base model and then add the extra 'areas' of the product that they would want? The base version could come with the basic 'Solid' design and then you could add on features like 'Surface', 'Mesh', 'Sheet Metal', 'Documentation', collaboration, etc... Eventually it would actually be more cost effective for some people to just sign up for the entire package at a better rate than all the individual modules. 


If each of these features were something like $100/year, then that is something I would definitely consider. I know that some people would think that your company would lose out on the difference between $916 and $100/year but in my mind I wouldn't be handing out $916 in the first place so in reality you would be ahead of the game by $100/year from me.


I'm sure that that are (tens or hundreds of?) thousands of amateur users of Fusion 360 that would jump on board and sign up for the Full Documentation functionality and possibly more. 


For your consideration,


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@rblondeau6SEYJ This is not the forum for your type of query. let's see if we can get it moved. Otherwise it just dies here.


In the meantime... this is all you get today from Autodesk




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There are no plans on moving to an "a la carte"  subscription model.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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