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5-motion plus benz 4.5 axis milling issues

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5-motion plus benz 4.5 axis milling issues

Hello everyone!


I've recently bought a used Felder H30 from 2012, it's a woodworking CNC. 

The machine came with an attachment that makes the machine able to do some milling and cutting operations at an angle. The machine is 3-axis but can do some static operation at an angle, so it's not full 5-axis. 

I'm throwing in two videos of the attachment so you'll get an idea of it. It's the big blue thing hanging under the spindle.


It's been a journey to get this attachment to work with Fusion. Since the attachment is quite old,

the post-processor for the Felder machines seems to be mostly geared toward the newer machines.

For example, I need to change some of the code manually. Directly from fusion, the machine won't recognize the tool id for the attachment.


The issue right now is getting the milling part to work at angles. 

I have no idea if I've set the cam up properly, I'm quite new to the cam part for fusion. It looks good in fusion and in TPACAD/TPACUT, the software Felders machines are using. 


What I'm trying to do is a milling action at an angle, I want to do it with multiple depths.

The milling operation seems to stagger in X even though it's not supposed to. I've tried some different 2d and 3d operations but I get the same result. So any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks Björn






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