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5 axis simultaneous - normal to surface machining/trimming

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5 axis simultaneous - normal to surface machining/trimming

Hi all!

I have the challenge to make a 5 axis toolpath for machining a curved surface. It seems I tried all 3D toolpaths and can't get the desired result. Is there a toolpath similar to the swarf but machining with a tooltip (not with the side of the tool)? The closest I can get is a parallel toolpath, but the end mill is not normal to the machined surface (all 5 axes are not utilized and tool stays in the same orientation):

Screenshot 2021-08-25 083502.png


In addition to that surface - how I should make a contour machining that would also be normal (or parallel)  to the machining surface?

Screenshot 2021-08-25 083616.png


At the company, we constantly need to trim moulded parts (plastic and composite materials). Could fusion360 be used to generate full 5 axis trimming toolpaths? (currently, we are using other cam software, but are willing to move to Fusion360 if possible). 


Thank you 

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Hi @mitkus.tadas ,

Have you tried using Steep & Shallow? It's probably the toolpath with the most control for simultaneous 5-axis currently in Fusion 360. If you haven't tried it yet, please do and let me know if it does what you need it for. 

I hope this helps.


Paolo Bastianelli

Technical Consultant
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@paolo.bastianelli , Thank you for your help. With  Steep & Shallow, I have similar results as with Parallel toolpath. If I do not override the tilt angle, the toolpath looks like that:

Screenshot 2021-08-25 102158.png


If I override the tilt angle and set it ti 0:


Screenshot 2021-08-25 101531.png


BUT, the tool stays in that position, not parallel to the surface 😕 


I used "to curve" setting as tool axis:

Screenshot 2021-08-25 101243.png


Thank You 

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in reply to: mitkus.tadas

The Swarf Toolpath should do what you want here, assuming you just want to machine the perimeter of the pocket.

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T


For contour around - might be used (I tried and it worked, but sometimes you don't have any "lip" to select as a "cheat" for swarf toolpath, but for surface machining, I have mentioned in my post - swarf toolpath is not suitable. 

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in reply to: mitkus.tadas

I have a similar problem with "Parallel milling strategy". I picked this strategy because I can set my desired milling direction with "Pass direction" but I can't align the tool normal to the surface and there is no curves I can use for proper alignment. Is it even possible to have tool normal to the surface in this strategy? "Flow milling strategy" works nicely with the option "Lead and lean" turned on, but I can't pick the desired milling direction since I can only pick "isometric direction" along U and V. Is it possible to choose arbitrary milling direction here? Either strategy will work but the machining should be normal to the surface and I should be able to define milling directions. Can somebody please help me with this problem?


Thank you in advance.

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in reply to: mitkus.tadas


No you cannot pick an arbitrary direction for the Flow toolpath only either of the two Isocurve directions and these are not easily modified.


Steep and shallow can do this when set to shallow only>Parallel>Fixed direction.


see attached



You could do this with multi axis contour too but it will require driving with a sketch or by splitting the surface into a number of slices which is kind of a workaround.



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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Thank you very much for your help and attaching the program, seeing how you do it was very helpful. This strategy with shallow only indeed works great, it is normal to the surface and you can sketch the desired milling direction, awesome.

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