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5 Axis Simultaneous Help

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5 Axis Simultaneous Help

Hi Everyone,


Just got our first 5 axis mill and I am playing around a little bit, stumped on a test part.  I am trying to simultaneous 5 axis mill the attached part, just a simple propeller.  The top side was easy, but where I am running into trouble is on the bottom size of the prop.  Any insight on a good technique for this would be greatly appreciated.   Not a part for a customer or anything, just trying to familiarize myself in this different world.



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Added a .f3d file.  

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I dont think thats the right file, and what issue exactly are you running into? 

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Your right, it was the wrong project.  Some reason I can export as a .f3d file, it only goes to .f3z file type.  Not sure why.   The project is linked on my original post. 


The issue I am having is getting what looks like a clean surfacing cut that mills the bottom of the propeller. 

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Geodesic is your Friend here, its an amazingly versatile toolpath that can give some great results.

I'm pretty happy with the blade toolpaths but the hub toolpath leaves something to be desired, I've added a rotary parallel toolpath there too for comparison 

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I like that!!! Thanks so much

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