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5-axis simultaneous cycle pre-position Mazak with G68.2

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5-axis simultaneous cycle pre-position Mazak with G68.2

Hi All


Is anyone using Fusion on a Mazak to machine 5-axis simultaneous cycles? We have a Vari-axis C600 and are struggling to get the pre-positioning before running a simultaneous cycle.

From the machine home, it's currently moving in X/Y/Z to the cycle start point, which causes issues if you're machining with the B-axis tipped over, as if it's an extension tool, you'll likely smack into the trunnion. What we'd like it to do, is use G68.2 (3+2 positioning), to get the tool to a safe position near the job, then use G43.4 to start the simultaneous cycle.


Any help greatly appreciated!

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in reply to: robseago

Can you attach your post here.


I've done this for our Okuma M460-5ax and I may be able to help.

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in reply to: robseago

I have the same problem with the same machine ,I would aslo like to now wat is the best solution

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