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5 axis Safe retract issue

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5 axis Safe retract issue

Hello everyone, 
I am having some issues when trying to post & run this new program via fusion on our new 5 axis HAAS vf2ss. The part has 50+ angled holes around the center but this is not the issue. Whenever it drills a hole, it retracts all the way back up to the g54, then goes all the way back down. Upon trying to set the default to the "Clearance height" I am met with the following issue: 

"Safe retract option 'Clearance Height' is only supported when all operations are along the setup Z-axis". 
I am a novice to cnc but know enough to navigate, i was going to try to use multiple work offsets but as mentioned before, there are 50+ holes, not sure if this would work... what do i need to do to have it just index, drill, index, drill, etc, without going all the way back up? I tried to edit it a bit in the post but ended up throwing codes.


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Could you show the Fusion file?

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