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4th Axis toolpaths and new versions of Fusion 360

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4th Axis toolpaths and new versions of Fusion 360

I'm thinking that 4th axis is the way to go here,  but I am not even sure on that.   It's a pretty small slice of 1 1/4 tube with parts cut out.   I tried looking through some YouTube video's but the options in Fusion have changed and left me kinda stuck.   Any hints on which way to go?    I am thinking I need the manufacturing extension, but before I go down that route want to make sure.   Picture and part attached.


RoundClampShort v6.png

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That's quite a tricky looking part to make

Have a look at the attached file for a rough Idea of how I would approach this part if I had to do it on a 4th axis.


Ideally I would mill the pocket in the end + the chamfer and then Wire edm everything else

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I'm tempted to start a new topic as I am not sure if this is a bug or feature or what...    Anyways.   I figured out I could use round tube stock and just treat it like an 3 axis part.   But when I tried to do the setup of the mirrored part,  no way could I get the stock to work.   


RoundClampShortx v2.png

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I forgot to add the fusion file.

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That is odd, selecting that axis should work.


But I never bother creating a construction axis when you can just pick the cylindrical face of the outside of the part.


also, you keep mentioning Tube as the stock but you have it defined as a solid, why not define it as a tube?



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