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4th Axis Rotary Adaptive Clearing - Feature Suggestion

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4th Axis Rotary Adaptive Clearing - Feature Suggestion


Originally I was going to suggest a step depth feature for the 4th axis rotary technique - which would be great!


But perhaps even more powerful strategy would be rotary adaptive clearing. I am watching this space and simulating the machining of custom mold cores for prosthetic limbs. At the moment its too limited and too expensive. There isn't value for me - yet.


My parts have deep sections and shallow sections within the same part with reference to the initial stock. The stock may start as cylindrical or square. A very aggressive roughing strategy is required first off before semi finish the fine finish.


How this guy is creating his CAM - he doesn't say. But its what I'm looking for!


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Rotary table that can handle roughing metals starts at 10k for 5 inch flange. Also you will put extra axial force on cutter, unless offsetting it from the center and that's Powermill territory already

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in reply to: mart.hough

You can actually use the Rotary toolpath for this style of roughing. You can see the first pass in that video is a full slot.




This isn't to say that a 4th-axis Adaptive isn't valuable, but that your example is doable now. An Adaptive with that configuration is a difficult toolpath to build so no idea if that's on the roadmap or not.

Neal Stein

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in reply to: Steinwerks

Can i use Fusion 360 for CAM programming of your CNC machine with a rotary axis if you wanted to gradually reduce the amount of  stock material being cut to model that i want on a rotary function?

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Rotary doesn't have a concept of "Stock", so any "Stock to Leave" is just going to result in a fair bit of wasted cutting motion. You're typically better off indexing to a position, locking the rotary axis and doing a 3D Adaptive on a few sides of the part.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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