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4th axis Machining

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4th axis Machining



I am kinda stuck at the moment, we just got a new machine. It’s a dmg mori dmf without 5th axis. So this machine only have 3axis and a Baxis in the spindlehead. 

Problem is that when I tilt the b axis to machine far end side of part (B-90) it tries to go straight through part. 
1. Tool change

2. tilt using cycle 19

3. Goes to start position xyz

4. Drill op


I could probably edit and have the Z axis movement first and XY after. But is this the right way to go? That would only work for the B90/B-90 I guess.


is this post related or can this be fixed in the manufacturing tab? My guess would be the post. But can’t figure how exactly. 

Our post is the heidenhain generic with some small changes.  



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Hi Nicclas,


This would be a change that is needed in the post-processor. Is the machine at the highest Z position before rotation? If so, it should move in XY then in Z.


Can you share the post processor &/ a sample output?



George Roberts

Manufacturing Product manager
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Yes it is at highest Z. 

For this machine home is upper right corner, after tool change it rotate. with cycle 19 active XY will translate and go to hole center. and Z to clearence height. in this case when operation is at far end of piece that results in a crash. Here is a sample program for drill op. post and a clip of how it moves. 



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i have the same problem as you have, do you have an solution for this problem ?
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Yes i made it work, i use PLANE AXIAL instead of cycle19 and within post I activated prepositioning


this prepositions XY before it dives in with Z, and works very well. 

only have one issue with post at the moment, plane axial won’t accept A or C axis for our machine. Not even if there’s no value in the output. Bypass this by just deleting output A and C. This thou can be quite dangerous as machine tilt Baxis as toolorientation within CAM, if orientation is wrong at CAM. Head will tilt wrong way and crash 😃 


but I would look for prepositioning within post or download new generic post and copy the sections involved

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Thanks for your response, i have made my postprocessor work with the machine today, i only got an machine error when performing a rewind with m91/m92 while in tcpm(m128). but finally i could unlock 5 axis machining

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