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4th Axis Machine Simulation - simulate indexing

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4th Axis Machine Simulation - simulate indexing

Hi! I was told fusion will support and show indexing and retractions with 4 and 5 axis operations (even stuff like using tool direction) soon. I didnt see that feature anywhere on the planned features through. Can someone point me in the right direction ? When should i expect this feature?

Thank you!

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Currently, we do not animate the indexes, they just magically appear in the correct position. We have future work planned for smoothing this out, but nothing definite to share at this time.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thank you for the quick response. I will be patiently waiting. Being able to see indexes is a must, even more so if it can also simulate the exact position the machine moves to during said indexing. For example, if post is set to move to machine home on indexes, being able to see it going home every index would be great, that way, when using different offsets while indexing like clearance and keeping the tool close to the rotary while indexing can actually be verified and checked, without needing separate software for simulation.

Thank you again.

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I dont think fusion actually knows anything about your POST while programming. You'd have to manually add go-to positions for this to happen. MCAM has a setting for "go-to" before/after each toolpath and will show those rapid movements. 

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He is talking about machine simulation though, which was said to use a combination of the posted g-code (internal posting) and toolpaths.  Not showing the index and some rapid moves pretty much renders machine sim completely useless in my opinion, it is not actually simulating the machine!  Those moves are critical, machine simulation would normally show a crash if the retract move is not far enough for indexing, clear fixtures etc.  I don't use machine sim in Fusion, but now I'm kinda glad I don't!  If it doesn't show those moves, what does it really show more than just regular toolpath sim already shows?

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