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4TH axis cuts using tool side

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4TH axis cuts using tool side

Im looking to cut a part using fusion on the side of the part using the side of the cutter. Is it possible? I do not have Swarf tool path extension.


thank you

Sorry i cant seem to export a file currently 

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If you don't have the machining extension then there aren't any toolpaths that can do this.

Even if you did Swarf is only a 5 axis toolpath so it wouldn't work anyway.


There is an advanced swarf toolpath coming in the Future that will be able to restrict to 4 axis only but will likely also be part of the machining extension.


This is something though that is actually very easy to program by hand without Cam software, you just need to bring the cutter down beside the workpiece, feed in and then command a move that turns the rotary the correct number of degrees over a linear distance.

If you put that part of the program in a sub program you can loop it the correct number of times to create all the cuts around the part.

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