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4th Axis along the Y Axis

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4th Axis along the Y Axis

Ive just picked up a cheap 4th axis to put on my router. Its a large bed router with only 240mm of Z clearance under my gantry. So, the best way to install the 4th axis is not on the X direction but on the Y as the gantry cannot pass over the top of the axis assembly. The workpiece I have enough clearance.


I have only just started. It appears to me I only need to make sure my WCS is set correctly and it will be fine? Please let me know if I am wrong. It will take a bit of work to install is all. Rather find out now. Thanks a bunch.

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in reply to: boyd.sofield

Yes, you can configure a post processor to have a 4th axis along the Y axis. You will need to modify your post, give THIS article a read


If your gantry can't clear the 4th axis, are you planning on modifying where it mounts to allow for clearance?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi. Hey thanks for the reply. Ok I did read about my post needing to be altered. If I point my chuck in the Y direction, my gantry is high enough to clear the chuck, but not the body of the 4th axis. 


To answer your question, yes, one day I will be able to install it in the X direction. I bought some HG30 rails to replace the last SBR30 round linear rails on the Y gantry. So I need to make a couple of blocks to raise the gantry and will also be upgrading the rails. but that is in the future. For now, I will run it in the Y direction so thanks for that. Very much appreciated.



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