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4 Axis setup and wrapping problems

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4 Axis setup and wrapping problems

Hi everyone,


I’m hoping one of you experts can help me. I’ve finally made the decision to start paying for fusion to take advantage of the premium features.


i e been following the video tutorial below to try and get me started on 4th axis fun:


unfortunately, my stock is 90 degrees out and I can’t even find the wrap feature in pocketing or adaptive 2D cut.


Ive attached the fusion file. Can someone please cast an eye over what I am doing incorrectly and explain in a way a noob will understand lol.


many many many thanks in advance!!!!



In this Autodesk Fusion 360 video, Dylan Smith will demonstrate how to use your 4-axis by wrapping 2D toolpaths in the Fusion 360 Manufacturing workspace. Dylan will cover how to wrap toolpaths and how it can help you yield more from your 4th axis. Before creating toolpaths, Dylan needs to ensure
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Hope this is of some help, I have just done a simple Rotary Contour as a starter for you and done a short video and also attached modified version of your original file for you to experiment with, hopefully the video will explain so I`m not going to to type out a long explanation 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Absolutely fantastic work! Couldn’t have asked for a better explanation!!

Thank you so much!!

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