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3D toolpath fails to generate when part is inside of stock model

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3D toolpath fails to generate when part is inside of stock model

When I create a nest study I usually check "Include stock" because of the remnant cut line that is automatically generated.
Screenshot 2023-08-30 104454.png
However, if no models are manually selected (Model: No model selected. All models/solids will be used.)

the stock body is also included in the model which prevents model aware toolpaths from being generated.
The only options are to either manually select every single part as the model or to select the model(s) within the operation itself.
If would be useful if you could either manually exclude a body from the model or if the stock body could be excluded automatically.

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Make your stock a component instead, then you can bulk select the Bodies folder and keep them seperate. 

Or make your stock from a Fixed Size Box, since it is a square. 

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