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3d Tool Preview

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3d Tool Preview

Hey All,


      I really appreciate the update to the tool library (3d Preview), but since I enabled it, the background color has changed to black. This would otherwise be fine, but for my turning tools, the compensation point is identified with a black dot and it is impossible to see on the black background. I can physically read where the comp is set, but I much preferred being able to pull it up and seeing it very quickly in the preview. Is there a way to change the background color or the color of the comp identifier?



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My background is still white. So I'm curious how you got yours to show in black.

Laurens Wijnschenk

AutoDesk CAM user & Post editor.
René for Legend.

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Hi this is a bug of some sort, there shouldn't be any way to change the background colour of the 3D or 2D preview window. Would you be able to send me your fusion diagnostic logs with extra tool library logging enabled so we can look into this?

Does it stay black after restarting fusion?


The extra logging option is located:

Preferences -> General -> Manufacture -> Tool Library -> Enable logging 


Stephen Irvine
Principal SW Engineer
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in reply to: scullmfg

Restarting Fustion 360 does not change anything. It turns black as soon as I enable the 3d preview and turns white again when disabling it. I am not exactly sure I know how to send the diagnostic log you are looking for. But I enabled logging as you said, then opened my tool library and opened a few of the tools. I don't know if there is more that has to be done, but here is the log files after doing that....


Thank you so much for the help!!!

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in reply to: scullmfg

Just curious if there was a resolution to this or if anyone else is experiencing it??



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in reply to: scullmfg

Hi @scullmfg 


Sorry to be honest I must have missed the notification for your reply. I've had a look and there's nothing obvious in the logs that I can see to show why this may be happening and we've not yet been able to replicate it locally. I've created a ticket to track this issue internally.


Our best guess is that we might somehow be picking up some goblal setting from fusion or perhaps even external to that. Do you have anything set up to make backgrounds darker or otherwise introduce night mode or anything similar? Have you set up a darker fusion canvas background?

Unfortunately we've not yet been able to replicate this issue ourselves so any additional information about your setup will help us.



Stephen Irvine
Principal SW Engineer
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No worries, it's not a deal breaker. Just a slight annoyance. Not that I'm
aware of regarding dark mode or a dark canvas. I actually looked at this
first because that's what I figured the issue could have been. I even
changed my OS mode back from dark mode as well a my internet browser just
in case those were interfering somehow.

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