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3d printing simple two part fixture

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3d printing simple two part fixture

I'm printing a simple two part fixture. Basically a rectangular base with 4 pegs.

The base is one design and then the peg is a second design. The base then uses 6 references of the "peg" design

However, when it 3d prints, it looks right - but the pegs are actually separate parts that are printed inside recessed holes within the base. How can I "join" or fuse it all together so I can still use the independent "peg" design but have one "solid" STL file when its output for 3d printing?

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Would you be willing/able to share your Fusion file?


File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d/f3z file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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You'll want to use the Combine tool, export as stl, then (potentially) undo or suppress the join command. 

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i tried that a few times, but that doesn't appear to work. not sure what i am doing wrong

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See attached - thanks for looking. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. 

I'd like to output one solid model of the base platform and the four pegs. Must be some option in either the STL generation? I can't get the "combine" feature to do it either

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It appears only one peg is not combinedScreen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.07.35 am.pngScreen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.10.48 am.png

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I needed to add some meat as a simple combine did not work ( i didnt investigate)Screen Shot 2023-02-26 at 12.23.41 am.png

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in reply to: Warmingup1953

how did you get this view? i cannot see that on my side?
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That's a "Section Analysis"


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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