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3D Pocket tool path not consistent.

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3D Pocket tool path not consistent.

The left side of set up (top) is no the same as the right side.   It is slightly different but leaves a different look on the part that is hard to sand out.

I have redone the design side of things and have a clean file.

I have redone the lofts several times.....the only difference is the holes in profile one left side ignores the holes in the top profile the right side doesn't....but looking closely the surfaces seem the same.

The toolpath  is one operation.  I have selected conventional milling because I am taking a very small cut. 

This is a new issue with this version.

How can I get rid of the difference.

What am i doing wrong

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Not sure what was wrong but redid the lofts....struggling to select the profiles but bingo worked out.

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