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3D Flat strategy does not generate arcs

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3D Flat strategy does not generate arcs

Why does the 3D Flat strategy not generate arcs (for Ramp and Cutting movements), but only lines around circular objects, even when the Smoothing option is enabled with the Fit Arcs mode?




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Currently, ramp moves in the Flat toolpath (and many other 3D toolpaths) do not apply arc fitting to their motion. 

For the actual cutting moves, however, it's a combination of selections and tolerances. If we go with a bit less restrictive selection and just use "Machine/Avoid" faces, we get this for point distribution:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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・ Looking at the figure above there are some improvements from my example, but nevertheless for the cutting moves there are still lines instead of the arcs (closer to the part).
・ What did you do exactly for "a bit less restrictive selection", I couldn't reproduce your result? Can you show you settings or just attach the file?
・ The last question is: what is the most suitable strategy to cut out such a circular open pocket?

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