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3D Contour Wear offset

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3D Contour Wear offset



I have a question regarding 3d contour and wear offsets.


For easy programming of the finishing passed I sometimes use a 3D contour. Which is fairly easy because it will check the part and machine all outer contours. Problem's not possible to set a wear offset in the control mode?

I enter the wear offset on the machine offsets. I don't want to use the "stock to leave" option in fusion to adjust the wear.

Is there a way to set the G41 in the 3d contour toolpaths? Can I just use add the G41 codes to the generated gcode?

Using a 2D contour would solve it. But selecting the outer contours is a pita because of strange curves and angles. Then I need to draw a sketch based on the outer contours and use the sketch as my contour.


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in reply to: JJackrabbit

Hi @JJackrabbit,


At the moment it isn't possible to do a radius compensation on 3D operations.

On the Ideastation of HSM you see that this is already listed on the wishes of customers.

So Voted it up.

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Marco Takx
CAM Consultant

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in reply to: Marco.Takx

Thanks for the quick reply!

I hope it gets implemented soon. 3D contour is so much more easier to use than a 2D.

I'm nog gcode expert. But I adding a G41 manually to the generated gcode should work?


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in reply to: JJackrabbit

Any news five years later...? 

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in reply to: cjjames1800

No, tool radius compensation is still not a possibility in 3D toolpaths.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: JJackrabbit

Seriously can we get this sometime soon?

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in reply to: DS_P

Its common to not have it in a lot of software. If you really need to fix something, use negative stock to leave or define the tool smaller in your program.
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in reply to: programming2C78B

Thats how you do it on low end hobby machines without wear compensation.
End mills are often not perfectly to size which is why real CNCs have wear
compensation to allow you to dial the last few tenths in. Leaving stock to
leave or adjusting in CAM is a recipe for disaster when you change a tool
(like for like) in the middle of a part run. Especially if your machine
operator isn't the CAM programmer.
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what software allows for machine-side cutter comp with 3d surfacing? 

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in reply to: JJackrabbit

There's is a good reason that you cannot use cutter comp on 3d toolpaths, the only way it would work is if the surface you are cutting is vertical, otherwise any angle will cause a cosine error on the adjustment amount.


There are some CNC controls that can use 3d tool compensation, Heidenhain for instance but it requires you to be able to output surface normal vectors which 3Dcontour doesn't generate, and Fusion cannot output.


I get the feeling people think it should be a "Simple" thing to just "turn on" but in reality it isn't

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in reply to: programming2C78B

Thats not what we're asking for. The code should be able to include
G41/G42 which is left/right compensation.

A ball/bull nose milling strategy cuts on the side of the tool tip,
adjusting heights (regardless of if its in the CNC or CAM) will increase
both axial and radial cut path since we program on tool centerline. It is
easy to measure your axial distance on these and set it accurately via tool
offset, but often you need to dial in radially only. Eg cut to depth and
measure the part in the XY plane and adjust your tool wear offset and re
run the part to get it to size.

Also note that fusion interpolates between axial and radial stock to leave on 3d paths,
which means you can't just change one accurately. Not that this is a viable
solution anyways as cam based adjustments for cutter wear/diameter is not
normal shop practice.


Edit: All that said, the reply by a.lass above is correct, using G41/42 would only work consistently if your wall taper angle is constant, which on the parts I ran into this it is.  Also the strategy would have to restrict cutting movement to the xy plane.


Edit2: actually if we could find a 2d path that uses a ball end mill this is probably acceptable for that application.

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