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3D Adaptive not clearing lower slot

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3D Adaptive not clearing lower slot

Hi, folks,


I'm trying to adaptive clear two slots.  My upper slot gets cleared just fine, but my lower slot requires a pocket operation.


Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong that 3D adaptive isn't clearing the lower slot?



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Because it cannot helical entry in the manner that your pocketing operation does while the Pocket entry is making a perimeter profile gradually stepping down and takes significant time


.5" tool making a (final size) .75" slot isn't enough room for the 3D adaptive workflow, which is helix in as fast as possible and get to full flute length passes to clear material. Typically my helix in with a 1/2" would be .25" Path Diameter about 7 degrees in aluminum but with your stock to leave not even that would work as it would cut final size on entry


Predill and Plunge options create a toolpath, pop thru either full radius side with a slightly larger than .5" drill and go to town its a 53 second operation with your current speeds and feeds


plunge entry.png


Edit: You could totally drill that hole before even the first 3D Adaptive operation and not need a helical entry at all thru solid material, saving even more time, in fact its only 1 operation (well 2 needed the predrill) needed at that point total of about 4:51

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in reply to: rengfx

This is a good answer as it enables the adaptive to get down into the slot.


I didn't wind up using it, but wound up using "3D Ramp" instead so that I don't have to switch tools or do a predrilling operation.


Thanks for this answer, though.

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