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3D Adaptive ignoring stock to leave

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3D Adaptive ignoring stock to leave

Generated fine yesterday. Didn't change anything. I have 11" of stock to leave so it should have only milled a pocket about 1.5" in diameter like it did yesterday with the same settings.


Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 12.48.57 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-10-04 at 12.53.18 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-10-04 at 12.53.57 PM.png


Restarting Fusion doesn't help.



EDIT: Same stuff going on with some of the spiral toolpaths. No matter how small of an outer limit radius I specify or how much stock to leave or any combination it just mills whatever. Sometimes milling outside the machining boundary.


Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 1.02.14 PM.png

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No need to have your model selected, stock selected, and boundary selected. Youre over defining a 3D toolpath with info. Only select model if you are ADDING features to be milled (like surface patches)
Only use boundary when trying to avoid cutting into something or to confine a cut direction
Only use stock when it's necessary for Rest 

Remove those 3 and it works as needed. I set your top height to model top. You could just draw a 1.5" circle and use 2d adaptive or pocket if that's all you wanted to cut. 




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