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3D Adaptive Clearing wont go past bottom of part

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3D Adaptive Clearing wont go past bottom of part

I'm using a 3D Adaptive clearing toolpath and I can not get the tool to go past the bottom of the part, regardless of what my bottom height is set at.


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in reply to: FarmerMach78

I had a quick look and changed your bottom height and got a toolpath that went below the model. I didn't change anything else.


What made you choose a 3D adaptive toolpath for that part? Based on my quick look at your file I'd think a 2D contour or circular toolpath would be more efficient to rough this out. 

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in reply to: mattdlr89

It so odd, its still won't go past the bottom on my end. I am on build #

2.0.9930 and show no updates as of now.

I'm also using a 3d adaptive base on I'm running a high feed mill and seemed to be the easiest way but I will have to try that to see if it will be less jumpy (allow the machine to keep up lol)

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