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2d Pocket Won't Machine Finish Pass with wear compensation

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2d Pocket Won't Machine Finish Pass with wear compensation

As the title says, the 2d pocket toolpath will often not produce the final finish pass when wear comp is selected. I have attached an example file of a very basic pocket where this can be seen. I started experiencing this issue about a year ago. The error given is:  


Warning: A contour was not machined because the given lead parameters would cause a collision!


Of course, there is no lead in that I could set that would not produce this error. There is no actual collision for the lead in. I usually just create a 2d contour op with wear comp as a solution, but this is a very frustrating problem that slows down my work. If anyone knows of a solution or if this is a confirmed bug, please let me know. If it is a real bug, please fix it autodesk. 

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No file attached ??


It just says "Lead Parameter", it could be a Lead Out ??

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Usually, this type of error requires a change of the lead in/out angle. Try 10 instead of 90 degrees 

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