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2d Pocket Keeps Hitting Small Features Even With Stock "Left"

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2d Pocket Keeps Hitting Small Features Even With Stock "Left"

Good evening, 


I am trying to fine tune this part design with "crush" features which are small radius that protrude into a pocket so when it is assembled the small features "crush" and allow for a nice secure fit.  While I've had the concept work, when I'm fine tuning my machining operation I've noticed it keeps performing in odd ways. FYI this is HDPE material which is very soft if anyone cares. 


I do a rouging 2D pocket operation to get the bulk of the groove cleared out then a Contour operation on each side of the groove to finish it.  


My problem is that when I do the roughing operation using 2D pocket, even when I leave up to 0.035" radial stock on it, the simulation still shows that I'm cutting my little crush features away before the finishing operation can get to it.  The Simulation only shows everything "green" and within tolerance when I up the deviation limit to over 0.015" which is crazy. 


Any insight would be appreciated!  Hopefully the attached photos give enough reference.  It would only let me post three. 


Thanks in advance!



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in reply to: atjones74

Hi, its hard to tell from the picture what is going on.


I suspect your pocket selection isn't including the "Bumps" somehow.


If you could upload your fusion file here it would be much easier to diagnose.

Goto File>Export>Save as .f3d/.f3z


For Photos on the forum its best to insert them with this button:


Rather than upload them as attachments


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Make sure youre selecting the "floor" shape as your contour. 

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