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2D Contour Start & End Extensions not using default setting

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2D Contour Start & End Extensions not using default setting

In the new 2D Contour, contours selection window, the new default setting for extension distance was 0". I updated my user default setting to 0.1". However when I create new tool paths the new user default does not populate the field, it remains at 0".


I have reset the user default multiple times and rebooted Fusion and my PC with no change.


When I click the three dots and choose to "reset to user default" it correctly puts 0.1". It just doesn't actually do it from the beginning as it is supposed to. I believe this is a bug.


Hopefully this  is a quick fix (or I am using it wrong...), because currently I have to go into every single contour I select and change the extension distance every time.

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Hi @Jon_Bancroft is what you are seeing similar to this video/workflow I made? 

First I make a chain using single click (my default of 10 mm isn't respected/used).
Then when I create a chain using the little menu bar it uses my default of 10 mm.


Let me know if that matches what you are seeing.

Rasmus Pedersen
Senior Software Engineer
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That is correct. I would expect it to show the extensions when I click directly on the contour but as shown in your video it does not.

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Sorry this doesnt work @Jon_Bancroft as expected. I have raised CAM-42774 for this.
Thanks for making us aware of this.

Rasmus Pedersen
Senior Software Engineer
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in reply to: Jon_Bancroft

Seems as of today my saved defaults load...after I click the Edit icon for the contour.

Now if this loaded without me having to open/close the Edit dialog, it would be fixed.

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