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2d Contour Select Preferred Location Glitch

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2d Contour Select Preferred Location Glitch

I have a 2D Contour (T3 top rough contour).  

I select Preferred Lead-In Positions.

I move the cursor to my preferred location.

The edge is highlighted in blue, and a flag beside it says Preferred Lead in Positions.

I click, a white dot appears, and the Preferred Lead-In Positions box highlights blue.

I click okay.

The screen shows a green ball where I clicked.

The simulation shows a that this is the lead out position.  Not the lead in position.

Yes I am running the simulation in forward.

This appears to be a glitch....I understand that the new position is not "guaranteed" but switching the lead out position for the lead in position, seems way off



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When lead in enabled Lead out disabled and selecting lead in point and with a ramp tool path.....

Click on where you want the exit point to be and then iterate till you get the lead in point till you get it where you want it.

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