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2D contour does not work??

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2D contour does not work??

Currently working on the Tians Academy Building Blocks. I can program the 2 D contour tool paths, no problem. I will get a nice, generated toolpath and it will simulate perfectly. At the machine, it will either only cut the lead in and lead out but not the contour or it will cut the contour then horribly violate the model and destroy the part then continue to make cuts outside of the stock boundry in air. Is this possibly an issue with fusion or more likely a problem with the post processor or machine software/controller? Yep I'm a complete newbie at this.

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in reply to: mchristy09

Hi. 2D contour usually works really well.  If you share your file perhaps we can help you.  

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in reply to: mchristy09

here are the fusion files and the NC if that might help. I thank you very much for your time.

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in reply to: brad.francola

I have added the files that I have. Both the fusion and the NC file if that may help any? Thanks for the help and your time.

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in reply to: mchristy09

For the last 2D contour you have the compensation type set to "Wear"




Do you understand how to use wear at your machine controller?

If not, I'd suggest setting this back to "In Computer" and it should solve your problem

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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

Thank you very much for the guidance! I will make the changes and see what happens! Much appreciated
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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

I did exactly as you recommended and it worked like a champ!!! Thank you very much for your input, it is very much appreciated!!!!

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