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2 Contour open chain, closing the chain backwards around the entire part instead of adding next edge

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2 Contour open chain, closing the chain backwards around the entire part instead of adding next edge

I have searched around a bit and not been able to find a solution to this issue.

I have a part with some features on it that I need to finish.

Its one of those that got broken in the contour selection update so it used to work, now it does not work.


Usually I can repair them by just removing all selections for the toolpath and redoing them in the new interface.


I start by selecting the contour, I have selected an open contour. First contour is selected correctly.

I select the next piece that I want, that section is added to the first, everything is fine and I continue along.

Then when I select the 5th edge/contour along the path no matter what I do it closes the contour all the way backwards around the part giving me 16 edges selected... alt does not work for single selection like it used to and I cannot find any way to force it to select ONLY the contours I click on.

My expected result is 5 edges, not 16.


Next problem, I will not upload this file here since it contains information that I cannot share.

So, to maybe reproduce the issue I will have to build something similar and hope it has the same issues.


Anyone recognize this issue and know how to resolve it? There must be a way to force it to stick to the selected contours instead of auto chaining all over the place. Especially going backwards around the entire part.

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Hi @leo.sandstrom,

Thanks for reporting the issue! Based on your screenshot, looks like the problem happens when "New Chaining" feature enabled, could you please check if you can still see the problem after you turn off this feature in preference dialog? This may at least give you a workaround to get the expected selection result if the old chaining can work correctly. 


I tried a bit with your workflow but didn't reproduce the issue with my parts (the issue probably happens only on specific parts). The "New Chaining" feature is still in development and there are some issues are still waiting for the fix, I'll keep an eye on the issue you mentioned when testing this feature. 





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in reply to: leo.sandstrom



Not sure if the video below is what you are trying to achieve but it does seem o work here, unless it is something specific to the file you are working on then without a sample file that is giving you the problem not easy to diagnose, anyway, example file attached and video below, hope it helps, if I am way off beam then please clarify and if possible supply a sample Fusion f3d file 🙂

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@engineguy, I have managed to consistently recreate the selection issue in a test file.

I have not had the time to go into all the details to identify exactly what causes the issue, but I suspect an elevated edge is part of the problem, possibly in combination with the circle cut out.


How to reproduce:


  1. Start with similar geometry
  2. Select the right most contour as the start of the open contour
  3. Select all edges leading up to the raised edge, or just select the raised edge, you will now have 4 edges selected and the contour looks correct this far
  4. Try to select the next edge leading back down to the flat surface and it will break giving you a reversed contour all around the part

I have not been able to identify any way to select similar geometry without it breaking.



While we are talking about this new selection system, I agree that it provides additional options and will improve things, however I have some feedback on it.

In general it feels slow and clunky.


Having to constantly open sub windows is slow and sub optimal.

Adjusting extensions for 20+ chains is a pain. Adjust all option would be great, most of the time similar chains and extensions are grouped anyway.

Adding more chains and having to chase them with the tiny scroll bar to edit them is very slow and frustrating when working with many chains in the list.

This issue is exacerbated by the fact that scrolling in the list is done in complete lines. Thus there is no graphical indication that you have scrolled at all except when the currently selected chain is visible in the list. (and the scroll bar of course, but with 20+ chains in a list it is small and not very useful) Scrolling up and down in the list literally looks like a static picture.


Feedback and example probably belong in a separate thread, but I dont have time to sort it so Im leaving it here for now 🙂


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in reply to: leo.sandstrom

I have had that too.  When it happens i delete chain start over holding alt key all the time.  Select elements then skip the problem element then come back and get it.

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@kechao.wu, thank you, Ill have a look if it works with it turned off and report back in here.

@jscott6SWZG, unfortunately I am pretty sure this is not the same issue since it is reproducible with specific geometry and I have literally spent hours fighting this issue in several different parts. I have not found any way around it. Skipping the edge in question and selecting the next in line will give me the same result.

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