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It would be great to be able to insert rows in a grid between two existing rows.  This would eliminate work arounds needed to sort a grid to get the information in the order desired.  If inserting rows becomes possible, then maybe moving rows would be possible as well.  It would be nice to have this type of functionality in a workspace to combine the power of excel-type functionality with the benefits of this PLM system.

It would be nice if we could have an option where you could copy an existing user/permissions over for a new user.

It would be very helpful if the system would do the following:


1) When you are working on an Item, and you are making Edits, it would be good if the system told you 'Please Save the changes made before navigating to another tab'. We have found this is a very painful part of the system adoption, because the system doesn't let you know that you will lose the changes if you go to another tab without Saving. he changes are not cached for you to save when you navigate back to the Details tab.


2) If you are making Edits on an Item, the 'Workflow Transitions' should not be available until you Save. The system should consider this a working item, and that way information is not lost if you execute the transition without saving. Also, some WF use values in the Item details, and it becomes annoying to have to be adding validations, to check these fields are populated before a transition is executed. If the system noticed that you haven't saved, it would be an OOTB safety check.

Create a one-way live link from the Windows File Manager to PLM to allow a registered PLM user to quickly stage and then upload key files (file deposits) to the PLM system. Once in PLM, then allow the user to associate on a one to one basis each file deposit to an attachment page of the preferred workspace.


See the PowerPoint attachment for clarification and further details.

Currently the Modern UI allows you search in multiple properties, however, the search is not giving relevant results. For example, if I type in Document Template, the system is returning all items that contain the words 'Document' or 'Template', which is fine. However, there is an Item that has a Title field where the value is 'Document Template' exactly. Similar to search engines, I would expect to see the closest match at the top, followed by some sort of logic after. Currently in the search, the exact match is getting buried in between multiple other items.

Formating Fonts

Status: Gathering Support
by Community Visitor cosmin.borcea on ‎02-09-2017 01:58 PM

I would like to be able to format fonts ( bold , underline, color,.....)

Hello, as we are deploying the Modern UI, we have found a big problem since the Cloud PDM files/attachments have no relationship to FLC items. It would be ideal that there is a relationship established so that if you are to delete a file, the system tells you that there is a linkage, this will prevent room for error and also facilitate the management of attachments.

It would be ideal if the permissions in CLOUD PDM where in sync with the FLC Permissions, along with Sub-folders having permissions at the same level as top level folder (or Projects).


For example, if you don't have permissions to see records owned by others, and one of those records has an attachment, you should not be able to go on Cloud PDM and see the file.

Currently with the Modern UI working in tandem with the Cloud PDM poses a very big issue for the FLC App because Attachments are not displayed in the phone (Android or iPhone).


Also, would be ideal if you could edit the Item Details, because there are processes in which you have a Checkbox that drives the creation of another item (e.g. Generate RMA; Generate CAPA--> and on the tranisiton the system creates the record). Since there is no ability to edit the WF, this completely disrupts this process, and limits which users can actually execute their processes in the app, and within a process, which users can actually execute specific transitions.

The ability to export Pick Lists from the picklist manager to Excel would be helpful. Currently when preparing an Import, I have to manually add data validation to the spreadsheet which involves copy+pasting every line in a pick list to a cell.


Alternatively, a report exported to excel could have columns with automatic data validation based on the picklists on those cells. This may not work for linking pick lists but would still help reduce input errors when importing.

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