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Dear Fusion Lifecycle Team,


After consulting the Street Team, this is request is worth to place here:


If you want to add an Item to a BOM in the Bill of Material tab, you click on Add, then you can either select an existing item or create a new one via a shortcut, good so far and a really nice feature.


BUT ...


We are using the Classification Manager to its capability limits, meaning our items are classified with this manager and have all different attributes and fields associated. If we now would create a new item via the shortcut link, we are not able to select the item class from our classification manager, (see attached screenprint) As reference I attach the standard item creation option.


would that be possible to programm, I believe we are or will not be the only ones benefiting from that feature.


Curious to hear your opinion about that, 


best regards,



BOM Numbering Sequence

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate richard.valdez on ‎06-22-2016 08:10 AM

It seems very odd that the Numbering sequence in a BOM doesn't update when you remove and Item from the BOM.

for example: BOM 123 has three items,

(1.1) X

(1.2) Y

(1.3) Z.

if you removed Item Y and added Item A the BOM would look like this...

(1.1) X

(1.3) Y

(1.4) A

the New Rev would skip 1.2

It seems like it would be better if the Whole BOMs item Sequence were re-numbered. its just confusing when you look at a BOM that had multiple Changes to it and its all out of sequence. 


It would be useful to be able to access and use grid values in the items detail, specifically in the formula builder to calculate and display values entered in the grid tab in the items details page.


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I require to export workspace data so I can add a group to Additional Owners then re-import to my workspace. Within the report writer I can select Owner for my report but I don't seem to be able to select Addtional Owners.


Firstly, can you confirm this is indeed the case i.e. I cannot report on Additional Owners? If so then I would like to suggest that the the ability to include this on reports is added to the functionality.

It would be useful to be able to copy the workflow in a workspace and paste directly to a MS Word/MS Visio etc. document. This would assist with procedural requirements our business or when creating training materials. Currently the only option open to us is to use the print screen function which has limitations.

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Hi Team,


     I want to know if is possible to compare two BOMS in the "Items and BOMs" tab using the FLAT view. Now is posible in the NESTED view but not in the FLAT view.



Ruben Barragan

Status: Future Consideration

Hi Ruben,


We appreciate you submit this idea.


At this time we will not address this idea, but we will add this to our future enhancement list.



Thank you,






Today  PLM360 checks for duplicate attachment titile through the file name but it ignores the file extension.

When an end user tries to upload multiple attachment with same name for eg. ABC.doc and ABC.pdf it treats both attachment as duplicate and errors out.

It would be a nice feature to allow the user to upload the files with same name as long as they have different file extensions.

As today user has to do a little more work before uploading an extension in autodesk

if you have many valadation scripts or action scripts, it can be quite an effort to find that script in the list of scripts when adding to a transition in the workflow editor. it would be better if you were able to search like on a pick list with search capability. you woul dfind your script much quicker and shorten your workflow edit time.





When you use the Relationships tab its quite possible to have many items from one workspace listed, this can make the list quite long and to find a particular relationship not so easy or easy to miss.


The relationships tab would benefit from automatically grouping each item from the same workspace, into a collapsible section or like the attachments tab, have the ability to create a folder to group items of the same type together.


This would assist users where many items are listed to find what they are looking for quicker and easier.







Status: Future Consideration

Hi Stuart,


It's always great to see new Ideas and Requests on the Idea Station.  


This is an interesting idea, and we will be sure to add this to our future enhancement list.




Thank you,




It would be Super fantastic if we had the Capabilities to add a Category inside a Category, this would make the main menu not so long. bassically a Sub-Folder inside of a Folder. see screen shot cut and pasted below for an example.


Right now it is configured for: Main Menu > Workspace


It would make sense to configure the system to have: Main Menu > Category > Category > WorkSapce


Main Menu


    Change Management (category)


                     |  -      Change Orders (category)

                     |                         Product ABC Change Orders (workspace)

                     |                         Product DEF Change Orders (workspace)

                     |                         Product GHI Change Orders (workspace)


                     |  -      Change Implementation (category)

                     |                         Product ABC Change Implementation (workspace)

                     |                         Product DEF Change Implementation (workspace)

                     |                         Product GHI Change Implementation (workspace)


                     |  -      Change Request (category)

                                               Product ABC Change Request (workspace)

                                               Product DEF Change Request (workspace)

                                               Product GHI Change Request (workspace)


another example cut and pasted together...


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