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Reminder notification on field not workflow

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08-26-2016 10:13 AM

Hi there,


I have quite a few things in plm that need to be updated every year or every month, but these things are not driven by workflow, they are driven by dates that are set in the workspace. Does anyone have a way of getting notifications for when these are up? At first, I tried to manage them through charts in my dashboard, but we are still missing deadlines because it's just a lot to manage without a notification. One thing I thought about was setting these dates in a calendar (like google calendar or outlook or something), but I would prefer to keep it all in plm. Can anyone help?

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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

08-29-2016 02:12 AM in reply to: rania



Have you though about Milestones? If you add a milestone for a date to enter a certain state ( maybe have a dummy state for this update) and a "Warning days before" field of X number of days, the item to update would show in your Dashboard as an Outstanding item.


Would that work out for you? 




Dany Poudrier

PLM Product Manager
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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

08-29-2016 06:52 AM in reply to: dany.poudrier

Yeah we tried to use milestones but we still missed a few deadlines. What we really need is an email notification. Can milestones send an email notification?

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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

08-29-2016 07:33 AM in reply to: rania

Hi Rania,


The Milestones themselves don't have functionality to send notifications but Milestones are always associated with Workflow Transitions and Transitions may have Action Scripts associated with them. So you can use the action script to initiate an email communication to the users.

Hagay Dvir
Sr. Product Manager
Product Lifecycle Management
Autodesk, Inc.
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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

08-29-2016 08:29 AM in reply to: dvirh

Thanks, Hagay. The problem with this is that it would need to be triggered by the workflow correct? I would have to click on the transition in order for it to send the email. However, what is happening is we say let's assess this item in 3 months or let's assess in 365 days and then we completely forget about it, so no one would be triggering the workflow action to begin with. Is there a calendar functionality perhaps or a way to script in timing without having it triggered by the workflow?

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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

12-15-2016 10:05 AM in reply to: rania

Hi Rania, did you find a way to implement this? We have the same business case and would be great to get input on good practices to implement. Thanks!

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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

12-15-2016 10:29 AM in reply to: wendy.salas

Hi Wendy, there was no way for us to do it without workflow, however, we did end up finding a work around thanks to the lifecycle team that utilizes workflow, scripting and escalations. If you are interested in that approach, I can send you the script and show you how we implemented. But again, unfortunately, there was no way to do it based on a field/without workflow. 

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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

12-15-2016 04:23 PM in reply to: rania

Hi Rania!


Thanks so much for the offer! would be great to see how you implemented this. Please let me know per your availability; I can look at the code and coordinate accordingly.




Wendy SV

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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

12-16-2016 08:00 AM in reply to: wendy.salas



Here is how we are implementing the reminders.


We have a workspace item with several things that are due. For example, we have pest control due every 30 days, particulate testing due yearly etc... We first created items in the item details tab that gave us a countdown to each of these (it was just the next update due - last date performed) 


After we created these countdowns, we created a transition in the workflow that circles back to the same state. In our case, we called it check next due date. We set the escalations on so that it will automatically trigger this transition after 27 days of being in this state. 


check due date.PNG


Now that we have our countdowns set in the item details and the workflow escalations set up, we created a script. In the script, the countdownremind checks each due date in our item details to see if the countdown is less than this number. If it finds that any of our countdowns is less than 27 days, it will send a reminder email telling us that something is due. There are a couple draw backs to this method: the transition will show up in your workflow every 27 days (or however many days you set your escalation to). You might be thinking, well okay, I will just set my escalation to trigger every 360ish days that way it will only trigger once, but escalations have a max of 60 days. We decided we are okay with our transition showing up every 27 days and having the system check that often. This way, we won't miss our monthly or yearly due dates. Hope this helps!


//Get parameters from the workspace
var countdownRemind = 27; //if the countdown days is less than this number, then send email
var WS_Descriptor = item.descriptor.descriptor;
var WS_Number = item.NUMBER;
var dueDate6 = item.NEXT_UPDATE_DUE_INVENTORY;
var dueDates = [dueDate1, dueDate2, dueDate3, dueDate4, dueDate5, dueDate6, dueDate7];
var countdown1 = item.COUNTDOWN_PEST_CONTROL;
var countdown3 = item.COUNTDOWN_PRESSURE_TESTING;
var countdown4 = item.COUNTDOWN_CERTIFICATION;
var countdown6 = item.COUNTDOWN_INVENTORY;
var countdown7 = item.COUNTDOWN_INSPECTION;
var countdowns = [countdown1, countdown2, countdown3, countdown4, countdown5, countdown6, countdown7];
var Tasks = ['Pest Control', 'Particulate Testing','Pressure Testing','Certification','Biological Testing','Inventory','Inspection'];

//Set the format of the email
var EmailBody = '<p><h3>Activities Reminder</h3></p>';
EmailBody = EmailBody + WS_Descriptor + '<br>';
EmailBody = EmailBody + '<a href="https://armour.autodeskplm360.net/workspace#workspaceid='+
workspaceID+'&dmsid='+dmsID+'&tab=itemdetails">View Item Details</a><br><br>';
EmailBody = EmailBody + '<table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="700">'+
'<tr><td align="center" width="30%"><b>Activities</b></td>'+
'<td align="center" width="40%"><b>Next Due Date</b></td>' +
'<td align="center" width="30%"><b>Countdown (Days)</b></td></tr>';

//check the countdown days for each activity
var sendemail = false;
for (i=0; i < countdowns.length; i++){
if (countdowns[i] !== null){
if (countdowns[i] <= countdownRemind){
EmailBody = EmailBody + '<tr><td align="left" width="30%">'+ Tasks[i] +'</td>'+
'<td align="center" width="40%">'+ dueDates[i]+'</td>' +
'<td align="center" width="30%">'+ countdowns[i] +'</td></tr>';
sendemail = true;

//If any activity, send the email
var email = new Email();
email.to = 'miao.jingya@gmail.com, andrew@ppmdm.com, bill@ppmdm.com, rania@ppmdm.com';
email.subject = 'Activities Reminder - '+ WS_Number;
email.body = EmailBody + '</table>';


For some of our other workspaces that aren't monthly or yearly, for example, when we have a target date in our item details that we want to meet, we set the escalations on every state because we do not know which state it will be on when our target date comes up. One word of caution: if the days after in escalations does not match the countdownremind day, then it is possible that you will miss a due date, so make sure these two numbers match. Let me know if you need anymore information.


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Re: Reminder notification on field not workflow

01-03-2017 08:47 AM in reply to: rania

Hi Rania,


Thanks so much for the idea and detail! I will give this a try and see if we can leverage this concept!


Thanks again!


Wendy SV

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