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Does anyone use the FMEA App in Fusion Lifecycle?

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02-15-2017 11:33 AM



I am looking at ways to improve our product development process.  One idea is to incorporate our DFMEA and PFMEA into PLM, which will allow us to have better sight of high risk design and process potential failure modes, track progress of recommended actions, cross-reference items, BOMs, projects, test reports, etc. and help prioritize development activities.  (At least in theory!)  However, I have reviewed the FMEA app available through Fusion Lifecycle and found that is much less useful than the excel sheets we currently use for FMEAs.  


For example:

1. Adding a new line item between existing line items is not possible, which makes it difficult to add to and organize an existing FMEA.  

2. Creating tasks, due dates, and reminders for individual actions is not part of current functionality

3. Cross-linking FMEA line items to individual components or sub-assemblies is currently not possible.


Does anyone have experience modifying the app to make it more user friendly?  


Does Autodesk have any plans to make improvements to the current app?  


Searching the Autodesk Community for "FMEA" returned only a handful of posts and none since 2013, so it seems that it may not be very popular - nevertheless, I'd like to hear from anyone who does use it.



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Re: Does anyone use the FMEA App in Fusion Lifecycle?

02-15-2017 11:38 AM in reply to: arobertsWVHVZ

@mikewatkinsweb recently (like just 5 days ago!) posted an article on LinkedIn: FMEA made easy with Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle  (tagging him here so maybe he can weigh in and answer some of your questions if his article doesn't cover what you need).



Michelle Stone
PLM Product Manager
Autodesk, Inc.
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Re: Does anyone use the FMEA App in Fusion Lifecycle?

02-15-2017 11:46 AM in reply to: michelle.stone

Thanks, Michelle.  


Mike's post was a repost from his article from 2013 and is more of a general "what is an FMEA?" type post.  I'm looking more for feedback from current users of the FMEA App or from Autodesk employees who have real world experience using the App and knowledge of how to improve upon some of it's shortcomings.



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