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Would like to see the same behavior of keys in FUSION360 Electronics as in EAGLE before

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Would like to see the same behavior of keys in FUSION360 Electronics as in EAGLE before

Hi there

In EAGLE I used to RATSNEST and DRC from the command line by only typing in the commend letters. This is not possible because the command line is not the first my keyboard entries go in. They now go to special commands as ADD f.e.

So my wish would be to have a RATSNEST and a DRC  in the DESIGN tab in PCB layout. This would make the workflow a bit more smooth. I know, DRC is in the RULES DRC/ERC tab.

Forcing RATSNEST other from the command line I can not find.

A further nice feature would be to be able to MOVE with the cursor buttons.

Regards, Harald



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In my opinion the command line can stay as it is, but it would be nice to have extensive keyboard mapping (looking at you KiCAD) to get much faster workflow for us liking to to layout mainly with only keyboard.

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For me it is not like that. EAGLE  in the past was focused on the command line. You type in ra and you get RATSNEST and type in ro you get ROUTE. But now. Both have the same first letter. So what you get hitting r.  You get ROUTE not RATSNEST because the focus in not in the command line.  The next letter a gives you ADD. That confuses EAGLE users.  Better it would be like it was in old style EAGLE. No extra key (CTRL or whatever) brings you to the command line. This is much easier and the workflow most of the EAGLE users are used to. 



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Hi @HarrySatt ,


we know that the key assignment in Fusion is not what an experienced EAGLE user would expect. There are plans to improve this. But at the moment we have to live with Fusion's way of short cuts. 
Please give our dev team some air and we will improve the key assignments as soon as possible. Please don't ask me for an ETA. I do not know. 


Thank you and best regards,

Richard Hammerl

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Would be nice to have the command line in permanent focus. This would really make live easier.

Regards, Harald

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