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Workflow for libraries

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Workflow for libraries



My colleague and I have always worked in Eagle. At some point we got interested to get the 3D export from our PCB designs. So we converted all our libraries to managed ones an used Fusion to create the components so we could use the "Push to Fusion" feature in Eagle. This all worked quite well but felt a bit unnecessary to use 2 programs since fusion can do all the parts from eagle as well.

So we started in Fusion but got very confused with how you're supposed to work with the different libraries, the situation is as follows.

  • we have a couple libraries in a shared team project
  • each library is synced to
  • Our PCB designs are also in a synced team project

If I go to the library manager in my PCB design I can find the library twice, one from teams and one from This create a conflict once I press the "update design from library" button since fusion doesn't know which one of the two it needs to use.

I could get rid of this conflict by deleted the local version of the libraries and only have the teams one in use. However every time I edit this library the version will just come back in the library manger with the [version]+Edits.

By now we are very confused about what the intended workflow is with these two co-existing management systems.

Do you guys have some tips to push me in right direction? 

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As far as I have been able to work out, there is no way to get rid of the duplicate library version as I have unlinked and removed my libraries from .io but they still appear when updating my designs, supposedly with teams library

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Hi @r.vanderplasG3P8E , 


I hope you're doing well. The key here is to understand what your design is referencing. If the design only contains references to the libraries then an update would update everything to use the Fusion Team libs. If you insert something from the Fusion Team library before doing the update then now you have a mix and the update command will not work. So the first thing to do is check what your design is referencing, if you want to fully switch over to Fusion 360 then you want to update the design to only use the Fusion Team libraries.


At that point you only have to modify the Fusion Team libraries. You can always push the changes back to so they are still accessible from EAGLE.


Let me know if you continue to run into issues or need more clarification.


Best Regards, 

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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