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Why is fusion ignoring keypresses after performing mouse operation on selected object?

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Why is fusion ignoring keypresses after performing mouse operation on selected object?

[skip to the end of the third intro paragraph for the question]

While I would love to complain about the fact that the only reason I am having the issue described below is due directly to Autodesk's decision that it was going to de facto hold hostage its community's designs until they cough up cash, I do have a legitimate question:


Now that I am reluctantly paying the exorbitant subscription costs (rather than throw out the months of hard work being held hostage by Autodesk) I decided to migrate my current electronics project from Eagle into the Fusion 360 electronics workbench, which I have done natively, as opposed to importing the Eagle files, I actually recreated the boards in Fusion, tediously switching windows hundreds of times to reposition everything with exact values, before copy/pasting (thankfully you can do this between Eagle/Fusion) in all wires and polygons. I did this so that I could cloud store my board files similarly to how design files in Fusion are stored (it was my understanding that if I simply linked/referenced the files from Eagle that everything would remain local on my computer, if I am wrong please correct me, as Autodesk has practically non-existent documentation available for Fusion electronics it was the best I could do). I also did the migration in hopes that it would lessen the massive amount of bugs that exist in the product, which I have paid for now, related to the generation of a 3D pcb for use in Fusion models (e.g. the fact that the generated boards, either the 3d or the laughably poor in quality versions using canvases, is often missing most or all copper that exists in one or more layer), spoiler alert, it doesn't, and the bugs are all still there, now everything is just laggy, but anyway that isn't my issue here.


Attached I have included a screen record.


I am having an issue in the following scenario:

I have a locked wire that I want to unlock and rip up. I select the wire, then with my mouse I uncheck the locked checkbox, then, as I have done thousands of times in Eagle I hit backspace, sometimes the delete key if I am feeling festive, and nothing happens. What I was expecting is that those keypresses would cause the wire segment to poof out of existence. Nope. Now I have to deselect the wire (which doesn't seem to work all the time btw, if you're used to Eagle and hitting esc in Fusion) and re-select it before it will accept my keyboard input to delete the segment. If I don't deselect/reselect the segment appears to be in some sort of limbo for actions being applied to it, however if I go to the bottom of the inspector and click the delete button that does still work. 


Why is this happening? Is there anything I can do to get this, minor inconvenience for an individual segment but major inconvenience when you're doing it over and over again, to not happen? Do the autodesk devs need me to come explain to them what integration testing is and why it is incredibly important for user-facing products?

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Hi @josephpgilsenan 


I am sorry that you are experiencing some problems with Fusion Electronics... The more a big thank you for taking the time and reporting this issue. Your video helped a lot to understand what's going on. We checked and could reproduce it, and logged a ticket for the dev team. 


About your comments in the first part of your post:

If you open a New Electronics Design in Fusion and then reference an existing EAGLE schematic and board which probably are located on your computer, the files will be loaded in Fusion and as soon as you save them, they are stored in your Fusion environment. The files on your computer will remain unchanged. 


My suggestion for migrating previous EAGLE projects:

- Create a project folder in Fusion and open a New Electronics Design

- Reference your existing EAGLE schematic and board 

- Save the files (will be stored in the active project directory / original files on your computer remain unchanged) 


Maybe these videos help  to migrate from EAGLE to Fusion Electronics


Best regards,

Richard Hammerl

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Hi @josephpgilsenan,


Hope all is well.


We have fixed this issue in latest Fusion release with version 2.0.13615.

Could you please upgrade to latest version to have a try? 


Hope it helps.


Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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